Thank you from Robby’s Voice



To our friends at the Yacht Club –

As a family, we wanted to take a moment and share our thankfulness and a few thoughts with all of you.

First, we wanted to say a very sincere thank you for all of the support you have provided to ROBBY’S VOICE over the years.  We are humbled by your belief in our cause and by your incredible generosity.  Thank you so often seems so simple, but truly from our entire hearts – thank you.

We wanted to make sure you knew the impact your support and generosity was having.  Last year, we focused our efforts on ROBBY’S; a place here those seeking recovery could come to find the support, direction and resources to pursue sobriety and all that life has to offer.  Your contributions helped get us off the ground and provided resources to those that needed them.  Publically, we all know that the program did not take the direction we had hoped and we chose to follow our values and beliefs and part ways.  BUT, privately, very few were able to witness what we saw.

This facility was a success beyond anything we could have ever imagined.  Yes, we witnessed the realization of a vision that Robby had, but we had no possible way to foresee just how right he was.  We witnessed the coming together of to communities; the neighborhood that went from concerned to supportive, and the recovery community.  The recovery community took ownership of the facility, the programming, and more importantly, of supporting and mentoring those seeking an escape from addiction.  We witnessed incredible acts of unselfishness, growth and love.  We were told directly the impact that ROBBY’S had on so many lives.  Although the name no longer hangs on the building, the spirit that was developed inside those walls lived on, and the recovery community took that and is continuing the work that was started.  New partners, new names, but the same vision and passion that Robby had when he shared his idea.  YOU WERE A PART OF THAT – your contributions saved lives, changed lives and helped families that were in need of miracles.

Now, we have identified a new group that is in desperate need of support; kids ages 5 to 12 that have parents or siblings battling addiction.  It is a group we recognized a few years ago, and now, through a partnership with Rosie’s Playhouse, are in a position to impact.  The founder of Rosie’s is a friend and Team member of ROBBY’S VOICE who has been and is on the journey to recovery with an addicted daughter.  She has done incredible research and has put together a program that we believe will have a profound impact on the lives of the forgotten victims.  We will be utilizing your support to accomplish two goals this year; assist in expanding the program and obtaining the supplies needed to provide the proper therapy.  Once again, your generosity will make a difference in the lives of so many that just need a hero today.  Thank you for being their hero’s.

Overdose death continues to plague our state and our country, but progress is being made, and we will ultimately beat back this epidemic.  Yes, it will take some time, but amazing people are doing amazing things and over time we will win.  Your generosity allows us, and others, to accelerate our pace, to fight bigger and stronger, and to make a difference.  So once again; THANK YOU –

God Bless –

Rob, Carla, Jaclyn and Nolan Brandt