Commodore’s Corner

Commodore’s Corner 
By Harvey Rickert


August was a busy and fun time for HBYC Cruisers.  The Island Unplugged Music Festival, as described by Vice Commodore Russell Marcks, was packed.  This year's festival had a new format and a number of high quality artists.  If you are interested in attending in the future, his advice is to sign up early next year.

A small group sailed to Sawmill Creek resort marina.  It was great to hear that Trustee Jim Altherris back on his boat sailing with his wife Social Director Pat.  There are olso others have ventured off for a few weeks of cruising.  Dewey Hughes and Bob Farthing were on an extended cruise up and around Michigan.  P/C Melanie Hitch and husband Dave along with Steve Feller, his Wife Charlotte, and his daughter sailed alongside the Hitch's.  Brian and Mary Penrod visited the North Channel, and Pat Kapper and Kelli Lyon are still out enjoying their cruise.  Keith Kreager is routinely motoring his classic wood Richardson to classic boat shows. 


The Fun Race before the Commodore Steak Grill also was well attended with several participants. The Commodore’s Steak grill was a blast.  Commodores in attendance include P/C Larry Hurst, 2004, P/C Jennie Brandt 2005, P/C Mike Zofchak 2011, P/C Debbie Crall 2012, P/C Melanie Hitch 2015, P/C George Harizal 2017, P/C Don Petsch 2018. A special surprise for Larry was the attendance of his whole family to celebrate his birthday.  This surprise included a birthday cake to share with the club. The club was packed as you've seen from the great photos documenting the event taken by Trustee and web master  Kevin Irwin . Thanks Kevin!


I want to thank the members who help with the planning and the work to put on the Commodores Steak Grill. Special thanks to P/C Don Petsch for coming up with idea of the Steak Grill and selecting the great steaks, sweet corn, and potatoes. Also, thanks to past Trustee Sandy Biesenberger for planning and ordering supplies. Susan Young for cooking and organizing the setup and cleanup and to Sue Henry and Kim Hannig for handling tickets sales and ticket collection.  Thus was truly a total club effort!

We still have the Vermillion Cruise coming up August 30th, I heard this popular cruise had 30 boats scheduled but unfortunately the high water decreased the number of docks available.  But you don’t have to miss the fun!  If you have the time, you can drive over and visit your HBYC family in Vermillion.

The clubhouse also has seen a bustle of activity including birthdays as well as various breakfast and dinner activities.  Vice Commodore Russell Marcks has worked single handily to install about 50% of the new LED lighting.  This included installation in the conference room, ships store, TV room, kitchen, and the restrooms.  If you haven't seen it, check it out.  This leaves only the main hall to complete.  Unfortunately, he has returned to his teaching. So we are contemplating a final work day that will need three to six persons with knowledge of commercial electrical installations to help Vice Commodore Russ to finish the project. Look for the sign up sheet to help with this project.


The boating season is not over, September 14th is Robbies Voice’s Gotta Regatta and the hamburger bar cookout social including a reverse raffle.  Click here for more info —> Robbys Voice Flyer

I want to make a plug for the The Classic Boat Rendezvous on September 27-29.  This show will benefit the Sandusky Maritime Museum which is supported by Sandusky Safe Harbor Marina.  The Classic boaters showing their boats will be guests of our Club. Click here to learn more —> Sandusky Maritime Classic Boat Show

SAVE THE DATE - Robby’s Voice Regatta - September 14th

On Saturday, September 14th, HBYC and Sandusky Harbor Marina will be holding their annual Regatta and Fund Raiser for Robby’s Voice.

To learn more about Robby’s Voice and how you can help, click here —-> Robby’s Voice

The Regatta will be three races of varying lengths in Sandusky Bay. Click on the links below to learn more or call Racing Chairman Larry Hurst at 614-395-8035.
       Notice of Racing
Sailing Instructions
Racing Registration Form  

Following the Regatta at 6:30pm, HBYC will be hosting a Burger Cookout. Donations will be accepted for Robby’s Voice. Additionally there will be two raffle drawings. A Reverse Raffle and a Marina Raffle for 1/2 off docking or storage fees up to $2000! Buy tickets at the Clubhouse or Marina Office.

To learn more click here —-> Robby’s Voice

Included in the evening will be live entertainment provided Steel Drum musician Erynn Krebs. Get sample of her by click here —> You Can Call Me Al

You Gotta Regatta for Robby’s Voice!

Racing Update

By Larry Hurst

On August 17th six boats participated in our second Cruiser Fun Race. We had near perfect sailing conditions with winds NE 8-12, flat water and sunshine. The course was 6.6 nm in the Bay from the coal docks to the bridge. Typical of our fun races, you record your own start and finish times. Thanks to all who helped set the marks.


Pickles were awarded to the first, second, and third place boats as well as the last place boat.

Our next racing is Robby’s Voice Regatta on September 14. Robby’s Voice is an organization focused on promoting awareness and education surrounding drug addiction. We plan to do three races and flags will be awarded. Check out the racing page for more details. Click here —> Racing

If you sign up and pay the entry fee before September 7, the skipper will receive a free t-shirt.

Deadline for entry is 8:00 AM September 14. Steve Gast will be the Race Chairman as we have a family wedding to attend.Be sure to check out the entertainment for the social following the Regatta and the fund-raising raffles. It will be a lot of fun for a great cause.If you would like additional information, give me a call at 614-395-8035.

Last Call for Commodore’s Steak Social Tickets

Have you ordered your tickets yet?

Commodore’s Steak Social
Saturday August 17th


Reserve Your Tickets Now.

Following the Fun Race all are welcome to the Commodore’s Steak Social starting at 7pm on August 17th.

Come and grill your own steak and meet the HBYC Commodores! (not the musical group). Such as Past Commodores George Harizal and Don Petsch and current Commodore Harvey Rickert.

To learn more, click here —-> Commodore’s Steak Social

Pre-order tickets are $12 per person, but at the door the day of the event, will be $17 per person.

Click the button below to pre-order your tickets.

HBYC Scores Seconds at Put-in-Bay.

By Larry Hurst and the Waypoint Crew

The Sandusky Deepwater Race is an 11.6 nm feeder race from the Bay Point Rock (R-2), around the north side of Ballast I, to the finish near Put-in Bay. This is the lead-in race for the I-LYA Senior Sail Regatta. There are also Deepwater Races from Cleveland, Toledo, and Detroit. This year, Oban Skye with Jeff Biesenberger and crew, and Waypoint with Larry Hurst and crew, represented HBYC in the Non-Spinnaker Class. Winds at the start were 8-10 NE but diminished and shifted throughout the 4 hours of racing. Waypoint finished second on corrected time just ahead of Oban Skye.

The Regatta, three days of racing on various courses, started Friday morning with sunny skies and winds 8-10 N-NE. The starting area for the JAM and Cruising fleets was between Sugar I and Rattlesnake I.  Oban Skye and Waypoint along with Slip Away (Hunter 37 Legend) were in Cruising A. Jolly Mon, with Mike Petsch and crew, from HBYC competed in Cruising B. The course was a 10.8 nm clockwise circumnavigation of North Bass I. We thought we had finished second on corrected time, but it was announced during the awards that we had finished third out of the three boats in our class. Reasonably sure this was incorrect, we requested a scoring review and we found an input error of the finish time. As a result, we moved up to first place. This didn’t last long. Slip Away, the boat that actually finished first found their PHRF-LE handicap rating was entered incorrectly. The end result was that we moved from third to first to second in less than an hour. No daily first award or pickles. We finished 9 seconds out of first. You start to think about what we could have done better. 

Saturday the winds were lighter and shiftier. The wind eventually got so light, the racing was abandoned for the day.

The wind on Sunday was light at 4-6 out of the north but steady. The course was to be 9.4 nm counterclockwise around Rattlesnake I and Green I and back to the start. After two hours, the wind got lighter and the course was shortened to finish at Green I. On corrected time, Waypoint finished only one second behind Slip Away. Oban Skye finished third.

Overall, Waypoint placed second in the scoring and Oban Skye placed third. Jolly Mon placed second in Cruising B.

We had a great time sailing with good friends in good weather. Over twenty-five race and support crew came from HBYC to enjoy the racing and social activities.

If you would like more information on the regatta and how to join the fun, let me know.

Photo credits to Mike Petsch.

Commodore Comments

Commodore Harvey Rickert


Despite the weather our members are still able to enjoy the season on their boats be it racing, cruising , anchoring out overnight, or simply relaxing and enjoying cocktails on their boats or the clubhouse.

Commodore Harvey Rickert recently presented Brenda Marcks her Membership Committee flag.

Commodore Harvey Rickert recently presented Brenda Marcks her Membership Committee flag.

All of the Bridge, Trustees, Staff Officers, and Committee Leaders are working hard to helping to make this summer enjoyable for all of our members.   In particularly, I would like to thank Brenda Marcks for all of her hard work as our Membership Committee Chair and for temporarily filling in as as Secretary.   On another good note - I want to report that Janice Hearst is back at the marina and resuming her duties as Secretary!   Welcome back Janice!   Thank you ladies for all that you do for our club. 

An auspicious event took place recently.  After 10 years of hard work the Buckeye Queen, owned by Mike and Lonnie Zofchak, was launched in front of a crowd of well wishers who helped them celebrate the event.  Congratulations to Mike and Lonnie!

As you may know by now, the Stein Hospice Race was great success with HBYC hosting the Stein Hospice Cup Race in the Bay, Thank you to Larry Hurst and Steve Gast and all who worked on the event.  I received many compliments from the visiting participants about the race, dinner, and the warm welcome they received from our members.

The whole purpose was to raise funds for Stein Hospice.  The final tally including,  racing fees, the dinner, 50/50 ticket sales, T-shirt sales and proceeds donated from club member Scott Voelker from the book sales of his wave runner travel adventure totaled over $2900.00.   Again kudos to all the members who supported this worthy cause.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone to order your tickets now for the August 17th Commodores Steak social spearheaded by Past Commodore Don Petsch and Sandy Biesenberger.  Great cuts of premium steaks to grill , corn on the cob, baked potato and all the fixings.  This event will follow the Fun Race in the Bay.  It would be great to see you there.  Guests are welcome!

To learn more, click here —-> Commodore’s Steak Social

Pre-order tickets are $12 per person, but at the door the day of the event, will be $17 per person. Click the button below to pre-order your tickets.

Order your tickets for Commodore’s Steak Social

Following the Fun Race all are welcome to the Commodore’s Steak Social starting at 7pm on August 17th.

Come and grill your own steak and meet Commodore, Harvey Rickert. As you enjoy your steak, baked potato, and corn on the cob, you can hob knob with other Past Commodores such as Don Petsch and George Harizal.

To learn more, click here —-> Commodore’s Steak Social

Pre-order tickets are $12 per person, but at the door the day of the event, will be $17 per person.

Click the button below to pre-order your tickets.

Changes to 10 Day Cruise

Due to incomplete boat repairs and sudden family emergencies, we are now down to 2 boats! It has been decided to alter the cruise ss follows:

Jul 23 - SHM to Lorain
Jul 24-26  Lorain to Cleveland Rock-n-Dock
Jul 27 Cleveland to Vermilion
Jul 28 Vermilion to SHM

If anyone is interested in tagging along, contact either Jim Harding or Pat Alther for  more