Order your tickets for Commodore’s Steak Social

Following the Fun Race all are welcome to the Commodore’s Steak Social starting at 7pm on August 17th.

Come and grill your own steak and meet Commodore, Harvey Rickert. As you enjoy your steak, baked potato, and corn on the cob, you can hob knob with other Past Commodores such as Don Petsch and George Harizal.

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Pre-order tickets are $12 per person, but at the door the day of the event, will be $17 per person.

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Changes to 10 Day Cruise

Due to incomplete boat repairs and sudden family emergencies, we are now down to 2 boats! It has been decided to alter the cruise ss follows:

Jul 23 - SHM to Lorain
Jul 24-26  Lorain to Cleveland Rock-n-Dock
Jul 27 Cleveland to Vermilion
Jul 28 Vermilion to SHM

If anyone is interested in tagging along, contact either Jim Harding or Pat Alther for  more 

Race In The Bay for Stein Hospice Results

By Larry Hurst

The wind conditions at the start were light and variable, but the wind picked up enough to continue the 8 nautical mile race. We had ten boats show up at the line. The light and variable winds continued throughout the race, but we had a lot of fun. This included a lot of practice setting and dousing the whisker pole.

*Photo credit to Mike Petsch for the starting photos!

Bill and Judy Kelner’s  “Jump Start”  from Sandusky Sailing Club was the overall winner of the race and the 2019 Stein Hospice Cup. Therefore, they qualified for the 2020 National Championship Regatta.

 Congratulations also go to Mic Kaufman from SSC for winning Division B.

Hotly contested was the Pickle Jar award won by Oley. Next year, he might use his GPS.


If you missed the racing, there are future opportunities. The Cruiser Fun Race 2 is scheduled for August 17 and Robby’s Regatta is set for September 14.

 If you have questions or need more information, give me a call by clicking here —> Larry Hurst

Commodore Comments

By Commodore Harvey Rickert


Huron Cruise
It was reported the HBYC cruise to Huron Boat Basic was a well planned cruise and quite successful despite the weather.  Thanks to P/C Melanie Hitch’s coordination of the cruise and providing delicious breakfasts. Ten boats took part including one trawler and a tug. They had a great sail over to Huron and just as they arrived heavy rain and wind greeted them.

Friends of David and Melanie Hitch from Dayton Sail and Power Squadron joined HBYC members for dinner at the Huron YC Saturday night.  The cruisers enjoyed the South Shore Marina boat show and many took rides on luxury power boats. On their Sunday return to Home Port they dealt with rain and fog but overall it was received as well planned and a great cruise.

The Stein Hospice Cup’s new home is now at HBYC.
It is HBYC’s first year that our club holds the Stein Hospice Cup Race the winner of Stein Hospice Cup, qualify for the Stein Hospice 2020 National race.

The Stein Hospice Race has been a proud tradition at HBYC sine July of 2003, check out this amazing story from the Sandy Register -

Outlaw Claims Top Prizes at Cups Race Page 1
Outlaw Claims Top Prizes at Cups Race Page 2
Outlaw Claims Top Prizes at Cups Race Page 3

Larry Hurst and Steve Gast are keeping the tradition alive and have been working diligently on the the race course and boat handicaps and all kinds of details for the race.  They have about 4 or 5 racers committed to race and possible another 6 to 8 boats from the HBYC membership that may race. It is reported that some skippers may need crew members in order to race their boats. So sailers you can support your HBYC Skippers who want to race ,they can use your help.

To participate in the Stein Hospice Race:

Click Here —> I am thinking of racing tell me more!
Click here to tell Larry —> I want to Crew!

Lets support our racers and race program and thanks to Larry Hurst and those who help to put on the race.

The Stein Hospice Fund Raiser and Social
The Stein Hospice Social and fund raising success has not gone unnoticed over the last few years and this year looks like it will again. Thanks to the Guidance of the Rear Commodore Tim Kemerly and Social Committee Chair Pat Altherr.
As everything else the rain and wind created a slow response in tickets sales for the Stein Hospice fund raiser Dinner. Vice Commodore Russel Marcks recognizing the need to get the word out to our members about the deadline walked the docks and sold tickets nearly doubling the sale of dinner tickets.  Thanks Russ!

If you are unable to attend and wish to make a donation to Stein Hospice check out their website.  Click here—> Stein Hospice

I want to thank everyone who is making this possible and look forward to seeing you on July 6th to support this worthy cause.

Get Your Tickets Stein Hospice Social and Fund Raiser

Mark your calendars for July 6th to attend the Race in the Bay for Stein Hospice Social.

Fundraiser and Racing Awards Dinner at 6:30 PM at the HBYC Clubhouse

  • BBQ Chicken Dinner by Grandma’s Backyard BBQ

  • $10.00 donation, proceeds go to Stein Hospice

  • 50/50 Raffle

Dinner Tickets may be purchased at the HBYC Club House from any trustee, bridge officer or committee head or at Sandusky Harbor Marina Office beginning June 8th.

You must purchase your tickets by June 24th. Limit of 125 tickets sold.

To learn more click here —>. Race in the Bay Social for Stein Hospice

The Main Event! Race in the Bay for Stein Hospice

This will be a pursuit style race in Sandusky Bay and the overall winner will be awarded the Stein Hospice Cup and will qualify for the 2020 National Hospice Regatta. Skippers meet at 10 AM and the race begins at noon.

If you are thinking of racing, then please register your boat as early as possible. This helps the race organizers prepare the start times accurately. Remember they need the time to use their fingers and all their toes for this math!

To get the scoop click here —> Racing


National Marina Social and Fun Race Results

National Marina Day on June 8th at SHM turned out to be sunny and blustery day. The NE wind gusts and record water levels in Lake Erie had many club members watching the waves closely to see if they would breech the break wall around the marina. SHM provided tacos for hungry “dock workers” as they finished final spring preparations of their boats, prepared for the Fun Day race, busied themselves with HBYC business, or just caught up with friends.

Dinner followed a brief but informative HBYC Members Meeting (37 minutes) led by Commodore Harvey Rickert. Over 80 club members, family members, and friends enjoyed a shrimp and perch dinner that was catered by the Sandusky Fish Company. Club members provided a litany of side dishes and desserts to round out the delicious meal.

Commodore Harvey Rickert listens as Bob Reynold’s discuss his grandfather Scott Mathews.

Commodore Harvey Rickert listens as Bob Reynold’s discuss his grandfather Scott Mathews.

After dinner, Bob Reynolds introduced and presented a video of his grandfather, Scott Mathews’, 9000 mile epic Great Loop journey in his custom designed and innovative recreational Yacht - Onward. The video was well done and Bob’s personal insights into his families travels brought a riveting human element to the story.

Special thanks to Tim Kemerley and Melanie Hitch for coordinating the fish dinner and the events of the evening.

Sunday morning started gray and gloomy, but determined racers marched to the club house at 10AM to learn that the Fun Race was a go! Five boats worked the 9 mile course with variable wind conditions but minimal waves to finish the race. Bonus points were given for males in sundresses, water snakes onboard, or women on the helm. Congratulations to Barb Hurst who started in the back and had to work pass all the other boats in her way to finish first! Congratulations to all that finished safely!


Thanks to Larry Hurst for organizing the event and the Sea Scouts for aiding in set all of the pins and markers to guide the sailors. Well done everyone!

Racing Update

By Larry Hurst - Race Committee Chair and P/C

Cruiser Fun Race in the Bay

Got the boat rigged and ready to sail? Need a break from the “To Do List”? What better way to shake out the kinks and reef lines than to join us Sunday, June 8 for the Cruiser Fun Race in the Bay.

The no-pressure start will be an open 15 minute window beginning at noon. Sail around some marks in the Bay with your family and friends deciding which way to go. There are some special “crewsing” credits for women drivers, four legged crew, water snakes and men in sundresses.The length of the course will be determined by the weather.

The Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions have been posted on the HBYC website.

2019 Race Registration Form

The updated form is also available on the website. If you raced with us last year and there have been no changes, just complete the first three lines and sign the Waiver of Liability.  If not, we will need the details for your boat so we can assign a handicap rating. Please register early to avoid the rush.

Race in the Bay for Stein Hospice - July 6

The pursuit start format and course will be the same as last year. In 2018 we had a total of twelve boats racing in two divisions. 

The Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions have been posted on the HBYC website.


The full schedule of racing is listed in the Racing Flyer posted around the marina and on the website.

Race Committee

We need volunteers to help run the races. Give me a call if you would like to help. The Sea Scouts have volunteered to help set the marks which will be a big help.

 Need additional information, give me a call at 614-395-8035, or come by “Waypoint” at dock C-101.