Commodore’s Update - Club Finances

Commodore's Update

July 31st 2018

I wanted to take a moment to address the membership on a few upcoming events and club news.

Thanks to all of those who participated in the Race in the Bay for Stein Hospice.  Race results are posted on the racing page of the website. The freighter was not included in the results due to lack of an entry fee, however his protest was noted.  A special thanks to Sandy Biesenberger for putting together the social after the race.

August 18th is our next social and membership meeting.  September 15th is our 2nd annual Robby's Voice regatta.

There is some club business that needs discussed on August 18.  I have asked the bridge and trustees to pursue a dues increase for a vote in September. I've witnessed the extent to which the trustees go to stretch a dollar and keep our dues substantially lower than any other club.  I believe we have reached the point where we are cutting our finances a bit close.  We no longer have a contingency fund or long term project fund. We have been running without much reserve for a while now, and it's a simple fix.  I know that most of us are aware that we couldn't run the club on a buck and a quarter forever, so this really shouldn't be surprise.

We didn't get here overnight. We've ramped up expenses quite a bit in the past few years.  A few years ago we didn't have a gas bill, electric bill, building lease, cable bill, internet bill, two insurance policies and a cleaning lady.  It's been a good run, but it's not fair to the trustees to constantly worry about club funding.  It's nice to able to hire a band now and then for a social, or watch a college ball game on a rainy fall Saturday.  If we want to keep doing this we need a few more bucks in the budget.  We are still the cheapest yacht club you will find.  We just need to adequately fund ourselves while still maintaining our tradition of fiscal responsibility. You don't have to take my word on the expenses, take a look. We have pages and pages of financial reports posted in the members only section of the website.

Please attend the August 18th meeting so we can move forward on this together.  I appreciate your assistance.


Don Petsch

Stein Hospice Race and Fund Raiser a Success!

Beautiful weather, ample wind, and great friends came together for an amazing day of racing and fundraising for Stein Hospice.   The day’s activities began with twelve boats competing in two divisions.  The perfect summer breeze provided a spirited and quick race that allowed the crews to stow their gear and get cleaned up for the social that evening.

The members enjoyed a catered meal and enjoyed the great music from Suitcase Records, who will be back for Christmas in July at the marina…for more dancing on tables!

Overall the club raised $3,400 for Stein Hospice.  If you would like to learn more about this worthy organization or you would like to make a donation.  Check out their website by clicking here —->  Stein Hospice.

Mike Petsch took some great pictures during the race.  Congratulations to all the participants and the top three places in both classes!


Save the Date:  Robbie’s Voice Regatta on September 15th.  Checkout the racing page for the notice of race —->. Racing

Mike Petsch took some great pictures during the race.  Do you have a picture from this event to share?  Send it to the HBYC Webmaster —->. Send Pics!

Good times on the Huron Cruise

by  Melanie Hitch

We had 12 boats (29 people) on the Huron Cruise and George Harizal joined us for dinner at the Huron Yacht Club Saturday evening.   We enjoyed a power boat show and free lunch from South Shore Marine.  My 2 year old grandson really like the small boat bouncing on the waves.  Of course great food was the highlight.   Sometimes I wonder if we are not an eating club that likes boats?


HBYC Members and family enjoying a meal at the Huron Yacht Club.

Navigating to the 2018 HBYC Events Listing

Having trouble finding the 2018 HBYC Events calendar listing?  It is easy to find if you know the way points!

The 2018 Events List is a page that is accessed from the menu.  The menu looks a little different based on the type of device you are using to access the website.  On large tablets or desktops the menu is a list of words across the top of the page “Home, Who We Are, What We Do, Find Us and Members Only”

On smaller tablets or smart phones the menu is three stacked lines in the top right hand corner of the screen. 


The 2018 Events Calendar is accessed from the “What We Do” menu. On smart phones the “What We Do” items has a little plus sign next to it. Click on that to expand the list and see the words “2018 Events Calendar”.

Here is a picture of what the menu looks like on a smartphone.



Safety First!

Late morning Monday, 14 May, a club member walked into the clubhouse to the strong smell of propane.  Fortunately, that member knew not to turn on any lights!  Upon investigation, it was found that a knob on one of the ranges was turned on but not ignited.  The situation was corrected and the clubhouse opened up to ventilate.

Just as we ask people to turn off lights, lock all doors, put the thermostat back on schedule, and generally secure the clubhouse when leaving, it is equally important to double check the ranges.  Even if you haven't used the kitchen to cook, it is relatively easy to accidentally turn a burner knob to allow gas to flow without ignition simply by leaning against the range while socializing or perhaps by wiping down the range during clean-up.  To my knowledge, it is the first time this has happened, but it is necessary to ensure it does not happen again.

Thanks for your consideration.

R/C Russell Marcks