Commodore Comments

By Commodore Harvey Rickert


Huron Cruise
It was reported the HBYC cruise to Huron Boat Basic was a well planned cruise and quite successful despite the weather.  Thanks to P/C Melanie Hitch’s coordination of the cruise and providing delicious breakfasts. Ten boats took part including one trawler and a tug. They had a great sail over to Huron and just as they arrived heavy rain and wind greeted them.

Friends of David and Melanie Hitch from Dayton Sail and Power Squadron joined HBYC members for dinner at the Huron YC Saturday night.  The cruisers enjoyed the South Shore Marina boat show and many took rides on luxury power boats. On their Sunday return to Home Port they dealt with rain and fog but overall it was received as well planned and a great cruise.

The Stein Hospice Cup’s new home is now at HBYC.
It is HBYC’s first year that our club holds the Stein Hospice Cup Race the winner of Stein Hospice Cup, qualify for the Stein Hospice 2020 National race.

The Stein Hospice Race has been a proud tradition at HBYC sine July of 2003, check out this amazing story from the Sandy Register -

Outlaw Claims Top Prizes at Cups Race Page 1
Outlaw Claims Top Prizes at Cups Race Page 2
Outlaw Claims Top Prizes at Cups Race Page 3

Larry Hurst and Steve Gast are keeping the tradition alive and have been working diligently on the the race course and boat handicaps and all kinds of details for the race.  They have about 4 or 5 racers committed to race and possible another 6 to 8 boats from the HBYC membership that may race. It is reported that some skippers may need crew members in order to race their boats. So sailers you can support your HBYC Skippers who want to race ,they can use your help.

To participate in the Stein Hospice Race:

Click Here —> I am thinking of racing tell me more!
Click here to tell Larry —> I want to Crew!

Lets support our racers and race program and thanks to Larry Hurst and those who help to put on the race.

The Stein Hospice Fund Raiser and Social
The Stein Hospice Social and fund raising success has not gone unnoticed over the last few years and this year looks like it will again. Thanks to the Guidance of the Rear Commodore Tim Kemerly and Social Committee Chair Pat Altherr.
As everything else the rain and wind created a slow response in tickets sales for the Stein Hospice fund raiser Dinner. Vice Commodore Russel Marcks recognizing the need to get the word out to our members about the deadline walked the docks and sold tickets nearly doubling the sale of dinner tickets.  Thanks Russ!

If you are unable to attend and wish to make a donation to Stein Hospice check out their website.  Click here—> Stein Hospice

I want to thank everyone who is making this possible and look forward to seeing you on July 6th to support this worthy cause.