National Marina Social and Fun Race Results

National Marina Day on June 8th at SHM turned out to be sunny and blustery day. The NE wind gusts and record water levels in Lake Erie had many club members watching the waves closely to see if they would breech the break wall around the marina. SHM provided tacos for hungry “dock workers” as they finished final spring preparations of their boats, prepared for the Fun Day race, busied themselves with HBYC business, or just caught up with friends.

Dinner followed a brief but informative HBYC Members Meeting (37 minutes) led by Commodore Harvey Rickert. Over 80 club members, family members, and friends enjoyed a shrimp and perch dinner that was catered by the Sandusky Fish Company. Club members provided a litany of side dishes and desserts to round out the delicious meal.

Commodore Harvey Rickert listens as Bob Reynold’s discuss his grandfather Scott Mathews.

Commodore Harvey Rickert listens as Bob Reynold’s discuss his grandfather Scott Mathews.

After dinner, Bob Reynolds introduced and presented a video of his grandfather, Scott Mathews’, 9000 mile epic Great Loop journey in his custom designed and innovative recreational Yacht - Onward. The video was well done and Bob’s personal insights into his families travels brought a riveting human element to the story.

Special thanks to Tim Kemerley and Melanie Hitch for coordinating the fish dinner and the events of the evening.

Sunday morning started gray and gloomy, but determined racers marched to the club house at 10AM to learn that the Fun Race was a go! Five boats worked the 9 mile course with variable wind conditions but minimal waves to finish the race. Bonus points were given for males in sundresses, water snakes onboard, or women on the helm. Congratulations to Barb Hurst who started in the back and had to work pass all the other boats in her way to finish first! Congratulations to all that finished safely!


Thanks to Larry Hurst for organizing the event and the Sea Scouts for aiding in set all of the pins and markers to guide the sailors. Well done everyone!