Commodore's Brunch Recap

by Commodore Harvey Rickert

I wanted to provide a brief update for those unable to attend the HBYC’s Commodore’s Brunch held at CIC (Catawba Island Club) on  Sunday April 7, 2019. The event was arranged by  Rear Commodore Tim Kemerly and his wife Effie. They selected a wonderful venue for our Commodore’s Brunch;  the food was presented well and was extremely good. The CIC Club members and staff welcomed us, even giving tours to those of us who might’ve asked.

Bill Market provided a history of his family business; Miller Ferry. He also shared beautiful photographic insight into how the ferry services is operated.   The speaker and presentation was very interesting and well received.  

On behalf of HBYC members I want to thank the Rear Commodore Tim Kemerly for a fine event not only enjoyed by all but raved about!  A perfect kick off for the start of our 2019 boating season.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

I look forward to seeing you all working on your boats and launching soon. Please feel free to reach out to me during this season and look for the fun schedule of planned events listed on the website. Click here —> I want to see more!