Robby's Voice Update from Bob and Jeannie Brandt

We just wanted to take a moment to update the club on a turn of events for Robby’s Voice. As you know, we were invited by the court system of Medina to run Robby’s Recovery Center and eventually purchase the property and full ownership of the center. This was the result of 5½ years of effort and the fulfillment of a dream. The first five months met and exceeded all expectations having had more than 3000 sign ins spread over 20 weekly meetings, well attended social events and recognition by a number of state and local organizations. Effective February 2, 2018, we have officially terminated our involvement with the center and have removed ourselves from the board of directors. The courts decided to modify the original plan to include a full service 5 star restaurant and include alcohol as a menu item. This was done over the objection of the board but the courts control the grant money. As an organization we made our decision after consulting with a number of people involved in recovery at a high level and our own personal beliefs. Simply, we could not agree to something that went against our values. There is more involved here but suffice to say that we are disappointed.

But, fear not. Since our widely supported decision, we have been contacted by the ADAMHS Board of Medina, a State Representative, the Kiwanis and several other organizations, to partner with them on a new venture. We are exploring all opportunities. In addition, the Mercy Health System, with locations across Ohio, has asked us to develop a program to bring to all their locations to better educate the medical staff. The Ohio High School Athletic Association has also asked us to partner with them on an educational program and our Family Matters support group has been so successful that similar models are being developed throughout the county with our assistance. Medline Industries, a large medical supply company, has invited us to explore other avenues to help fight against this epidemic. We have enough to keep us busy for a while.

We just wanted to bring the club up to speed before the rumors fly since Harbor Bay Yacht Club has been so supportive. See you all in the spring.

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