Bob Reynolds slated to speak at Winter Rendezvous

Ever the inventor, Scott Matthews designed several devices to make power boats easier to operate. Among them was a leverage system that allowed a single person to operate a clutch for a reverse gear, as well as the throttle and spark. The system was installed on his own 74-foot boat, Onward, launched in 1905.
Onward also had such modern amenities as an “electric light plant” with storage batteries and a steam heating system (pipes passed through the coal-fired galley stove and into radiators in each compartment).

This state-of-the-art vessel was the first recreational yacht to nvigate the Great Loop.  Join us at the HBYC Winter Rendezvous to listen to Scott Matthews grandson, Bob Reynolds, as he presents a recreation of his grandfather's 9000-mile trip in Onward.

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The  Onward

The Onward