Baby it is cold outside...

...but the Winter Rendezvous will be hot!

Preparations are all set for ths weekend's shindig.   Old Man Winter is trying to spoil our party, but he ain't gonna do it!  Having said that, please keep an eye on the weather, use your best judgement, and BE SAFE!

Here is the final schedule for the weekend:   2018 Winter Rendevous Schedule

Sandusky Harbor Marina management is planning a brief overview to members after the author speaks, but prior to lunch.

If anyone has been preparing for the weekend by reading R. C. Durkee's book "Rum Run" , you may remember a big party with a big band.  Here is a song mentioned in the book that will get you ready for the weekend.  I found a great recording on Youtube.  Click Here and enjoy-->  I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate