All is Well Under Don Petch's Umbrella

by Vice Commodore: Don Petsch

All is well under the umbrella of Vice Commodore duties.  We have a quote from a local door company to remove and replace the front entry door and steel casing that are embedded in concrete.  A wise maintenance man once told me "If you can't fix it, break enough to be replaced".   Harvey and I tried to rework the current door without success, so I guess replacement is the next step.  Mike Zofchak has graciously agreed to be the liaison with the contractor and is currently working on that project.

For other improvements, Jeff Biesenberger and Russ Marcks have joined forces in audiophile wisdom to vastly improve the club's stereo system on a shoestring budget.  Feel free to plug in your phone and play all of your favorite hard-core rap tunes at full volume.   Sandy Biesenberger spearheaded a modest budget for kitchen wares and was able to phase out some worn out stuff and buy a few new things.

We've been working on a few outdoor projects including designing and building a bar / serving area on the patio.  The picnic tables are looking a little worn and could use a quick sanding and a coat or two of varnish.   I could use a volunteer or two to tackle that project. It shouldn't take more than an afternoon and it would be a vast improvement.  I'd do it myself, but my boat list is a little long...  If anyone has a suggestion on other ways to improve the club please let me know.  If there is something we need in the order of supplies, leave a note on the pad located on the mop closet door.  I'm "docked" a few hundred feet in front of the clubhouse and easy to find.  You might want to wear a hardhat, as beer cans occasionally lose the battle with gravity and the forecast is for a hot weekend in the boatyard.    I look forward to seeing everyone at the August meeting and social.  Stay tuned to the website for all current events and news.  Thanks again to webmaster Kevin for keeping us informed!