Big Screen TV Installed in Clubhouse

At the September 16th Trustees meeting, the HBYC officers and Trustees approved the purchase of a new TV for the clubhouse meeting room to replace the non-working TV projector.   That afternoon, armed with a list of TV specifications from Trustee Russ Marcks and Jeff Biesenberger,  Commodore George Harizal drove to Sandusky to selectand bring back a 65" UltraHighDefinition 4K Smart TV with tilting wall mount.  Jeff moved the TV cable from the small TV behind the bar and did the initial TV programming and menu set-up to get it all up and running.  By that evening the membership was enjoying Browns and OSU football on the big new flat screen TV. 

Last weekend Larry Hurst mounted the new TV on the west wall replacing the pull-down projection screen.  This past weekend R/C Harvey Richert upgraded our Direct TV satellite service to the "Extra" package which now gives us most of the sports channels plus many more selections .  There is no longer a need to go to the SHM Community Room to watch the games.  With 4 HDMI, USB, plus Component TV inputs, this new unit can be used for Power Point presentations as well as other media such as DVD and VCR.  WE already had one showing of  "Capt. Ron" last Saturday evening and there is talk of holding a SuperBowl party at the club to watch the big game.  Don't miss out on the fun.


George Harizal, Commodore

Harbor Bay Yacht Club