Navigating to the 2018 HBYC Events Listing

Having trouble finding the 2018 HBYC Events calendar listing?  It is easy to find if you know the way points!

The 2018 Events List is a page that is accessed from the menu.  The menu looks a little different based on the type of device you are using to access the website.  On large tablets or desktops the menu is a list of words across the top of the page “Home, Who We Are, What We Do, Find Us and Members Only”

On smaller tablets or smart phones the menu is three stacked lines in the top right hand corner of the screen. 


The 2018 Events Calendar is accessed from the “What We Do” menu. On smart phones the “What We Do” items has a little plus sign next to it. Click on that to expand the list and see the words “2018 Events Calendar”.

Here is a picture of what the menu looks like on a smartphone.



Safety First!

Late morning Monday, 14 May, a club member walked into the clubhouse to the strong smell of propane.  Fortunately, that member knew not to turn on any lights!  Upon investigation, it was found that a knob on one of the ranges was turned on but not ignited.  The situation was corrected and the clubhouse opened up to ventilate.

Just as we ask people to turn off lights, lock all doors, put the thermostat back on schedule, and generally secure the clubhouse when leaving, it is equally important to double check the ranges.  Even if you haven't used the kitchen to cook, it is relatively easy to accidentally turn a burner knob to allow gas to flow without ignition simply by leaning against the range while socializing or perhaps by wiping down the range during clean-up.  To my knowledge, it is the first time this has happened, but it is necessary to ensure it does not happen again.

Thanks for your consideration.

R/C Russell Marcks

Sad news from Pelee Island

It is with deep regret I wish to inform the club of the passing of Charlene Malloch, Manager of Scudder Marina on Pelee Island.

Anyone who has sailed to Pelee met and knows Charlene.  Brenda and I considered her a friend, loved talking to her, and looked forward to renewing our friendship each year when we visited Pelee.  We had already started thinking about seeing her this year on our Island Unplugged cruise.  I know we will both miss her.

You may view her obituary and leave condolences by following the link below:

R/C Russell Marcks

Commodore’s Update - Don Petsch

It’s that time of year again.  The air is filled with the aroma of diesel and the sounds of power tools.  Doves are nesting on every nook in the boatyard and West Marine is welcoming yourmoney back with open arms.  Like freshly hatched turtles, boats are returning from the lotto the lake and this season is now upon us.  I wanted to takea moment to update everyone on a few quick things:

Thanks to Larry Hurst and the rest of the building committee for building and installing the new table storage cabinets.  Vice Commodore Harvey Rickert took to the task of finish painting the cabinets. Getting rid of those piles of folding tables was anice visual and safety improvement.

Our Rear Commodore Russ Marcks organized a wonderfulbrunch on Sunday.  Firelands winery was such a good choice and it was nice kick the season off with so many familiar faces.  I’m always anaficionadoof starting the day off with a few glasses of wine. 

The complete calendar is now on the events page of our website.  Our new social chair Pat Altherr has some fresh ideas, and we are very glad to have a person to fill this position.

Don’t miss the cruising page of the website.  Cruising director Art Harden has another busy year planned.  Cruise registration forms were due a few weeks ago in April, but there are a handful of slots if you are interested in a particular cruise.  Art has asked me to remind you that if you are going to the Pelee Island Unplugged Music Festival to buy your tickets now.  Events on Pelee have limited capacity, so don’t miss out.  Also if you wish to cruise to Middle Bass independent of the rest of that cruisecontact Art ASAP so he can arrange a slip if available.

We are still looking for a race chairperson and racing event coordinators.  We will be having several races this year including the annual Stein Race on July 7th.  We also have a Robby’s voice race planned again for September 15th.  The courses and formats for these races are still up for discussion and your input is welcomed and appreciated. Stay tuned for details on any impromptu fun races that may pop up.

The website is now our primary point of contact and information.  If you know of someone who does not get the email alerts directing them to the website, please have them contact our webmaster Kevin Irwin at .  He has put together a very mobile friendly schedule.  Thanks Kevin!

I’d like to say thanks again to our outgoing commodore George Harizal.  Your service to HBYC was appreciated.  Erinn and I are looking forward to another beautiful season with the HBYC family and would like to wish everyone a joyous summer.

Commodore’s Brunch Sold Out!

We're sold out!
This year's Commodore's Brunch is being exceptionally well attended with 53 persons registered and confirmed.  However, Firelands Winery has warned me they can accommodate NO MORE than 53 persons due to fire code / occupancy regulations.  I guess what I am tactfully trying to say is that any last minute decisions to attend can no longer be accommodated by the winery due to occupancy issues outlined by state law.

I thank everyone for your support of your Commodore and this event.

RC Russell Marcks

HBYC Members WELCOME BACK to Your Clubhouse

By Vice Commodore - Harvey Rickert 

Here it is, mid April, and activity is beginning in earnest as boats are getting pulled out of storage, readied for launch.

The Building Committee has been busy making improvements in and around the clubhouse. P/C Larry Hurst, P/C Mike Zofchak, Bob Brandt, and Chris Crall are making table storage cabinets that not only have great functionality, but also aesthetically improve the interior of our clubhouse. Let them know you appreciate what they do and better yet, volunteer to assist when you have a little time.

Thank you very much for your time and work for the HBYC members!