HBYC has an extensive and organized cruising program.

Destentations have included weekend's at Kelley's Island, Vermillion, Leamington, Huron, Pelee Island, and Put-In-Bay;  as well as long distance vacation cruises.

A few of our cruisers docked in Vermillion.

A few of our cruisers docked in Vermillion.

Usually 10 to 20 boats with famlies and friends will rendezvous at the selected port.  Upon arrival you will probably find a member ready ti grab a morring line for your HBYC reserved dock space.  

Cruisers have been known to enjoy: great conversations, breakfast feasts, scavanger hunts, cookouts, wine & cheese parties, biking, local attractions, pubs, and restaurants.

2017 Cruise schedule

Check out the cruise newsletter and cruise schedule.  Complete the HBYC members only sign up sheet to join in the fun!

Cruise Coordinators Needed!   All cruises must have a cruise coordinator. The coordinator is responsible for communicating with the folks at the destination marina, scheduling activities, scheduling transportation (if necessary), and conducting a Captain's meeting the morning the cruisers depart. Coordination duties are a great way to become active with the club. Contact the Cruise Director if you wish to coordinate any cruise.  Of course, the Cruise Director and past cruise coordinators will be more than willing to lend a hand.


Cruise Deposits

IMPORTANT: Please post date your $30 deposit check to 1 June 2017 or later. Nearly all banks view personal checks older than 6 months as void. While the checks for the $25 cruising fee and the $38 Middle Bass Island deposit are cashed quickly, the cruise director holds your $30 deposit check to the end of the cruising season. As you know, this deposit is used to cover the fee charged by some marinas if you must cancel your cruise at the last minute. If your deposit is not used, you have the option of having it shredded, returned to you, or donated to one of various HBYC funds. However, if the check expires prior to the final dispensation, it can cause a variety of problems. The Board of Trustees has decided that post-dating the check (or leaving the date field blank) is the easiest way to solve this issue. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Cruise Director. 

Cruising for Non-Members

The Harbor Bay Yacht Club invites non-members to participate in a cruise of their choice. This invitation is on a space available and first-come first-serve basis. 'Space Available' is based upon the number of openings for a given cruise 7 days prior to the cruise. The following is a brief outline of requirements:

  • Cost $25 per cruise- which will be returned if the cruise is full with HBYC members.
  • Sign up can start as early as cruise schedule is available and fee is paid.
  • Boat owner will be notified 5-7 days before cruise if room is available.
  • Boat owner pays for own dockage and participates in HBYC planned agenda.
  • Each boat is limited to 1 per year as non-members.
  • Boat owner must show a boating club membership card or be docked at Sandusky Harbor Marina.
  • Boat owner must complete an HBYC Non-Member Cruise Registration sign up sheet.

cruising links

Great Lakes Cruising Club School is now open for the coming season.  The school has a comprehensive curriculum from cruising skills to favorite cruising destinations.  It is a premier source for practical training for sail and power cruisers on the Great Lakes. 

Check out a few of HBYC member's Favorite Destinations.